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I’m Shelon Douglas, Founder and CEO of Digital Marx Group - the only company that provides brand strategy and business acceleration to creative entrepreneurs, that expedites the growth of their minimum viable product (MVP). We do this by helping them build immersive brands that put them in position to raise capital and scale their business. I have a passion for helping others. Allow me to help you create your opportunity, TODAY!


Join me online for a real talk “LIVE Webinar”, event where I will get into discussions on how to Create, Position, and Leverage your brand into an equitable position and from there, how to leverage that equity into an investment opportunity!

September 01, 2021 6:00PM PST

IT’s Rules
To This $HIT!
There’s levels to this $hit when it comes to being a BO$$. You must know how to play by the rules in order to win by the rules! Register today to find out how to play to win.

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So that we can discuss the RULES TO THIS $hit! Get ready to hear straight up information from me, Shelon Douglas, because none of us have time to waste. So register now and be ready to take notes – Let’s GO!

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